Thursday, February 28, 2013

All right ya'll ready for I <3 Thursday?

This websight its so awesome! Its right up my alley!!! Cowgirls YAHOOO!!

I love this skirt going to try to make something like it!!!

Love this!!

And this!!

Yup that's about it!!
What are yall loving this week?


  1. Cute! Love those! :)
    I have a skirt very similar to the one in the first picture - except mine is lighter colored denim with orange! :) I love mine!! :) It would be realllly cool to make one of those! :D

  2. I am loving God's grace, and the strength that He gives us to live through each day. I am grateful for sunshine, daffodils, and silver linings on the clouds. Especially love my sister Abby :)