Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Update.. and some new changes!

Hey everyone. Yes i'm still here! How has everyone been? We have had a very busy summer here on the farm lots of things happened! We have over 3 acres in blueberry plants so over part of the summer we were busy picking blueberries... we ended up picking a grand total of 400 gallons this year! Pheww it was a lot of work! And then when we weren't picking blueberries we were putting up hay either that or we were swimming!! And on top of that my dad and I bought a cargo trailer, and remodeled it into a bakery trailer were we bake everything from pies, cookies and cakes and sell at the farmers market.. that project was so much fun because I got to do it with my dad we just took a plane cargo trailer and did all of the work ourselves everything from the plumbing to the display window! So i'm going to change things around a bit i'm going to post  more  farm happenings and recipes and here and there if I get time I will post an outfit! So tell me what you think? I would love to here what ya'll have to say??
P.S... Check back soon for some pictures of my bakery trailer!!

1 comment:

  1. Your trailer is awesome kay! Twas a lot of work ;) but great to visit while
    picking…..and throwing blueberries at each other every once in a while ;) Wish we could see y'all more often :) :) ;)