Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I'm Loving!!

So this morning my mom found something on Pinterest  there called  "Cake Truffles" Oh my goodness they looks SOOO yummy!! So can anyone guess what I did today?!?!?... I made Cake Truffles. The pics on pinterest look so good I just couldn't resist!!

So this is only one of the pics I found on pinterest ^!! I will post some pics later of the Cake Truffles I made and the recipe!!

WHOOPIE PIES... is another thing mom found on pinterest I must say they looked good too but I didn't have enough time today to make them too!!
I was thinking  since Valentine's day is coming up I will make these instead of going out and buying candy for everyone!! :D

Okay so after finding a pic of Taylor Swift and falling in love with the dress she had on.... I am going to make myself a summer dress or two I'm so excited to find a pattern and get started on one... That's one good thing about winter you have all kinds of time to start projects!!

I found this pattern from Butterick.. Its pretty similar from the one I like!!

Well That's about it.. Oh yes I'm very excited I have 5 followers now YAY!!!..lol

See ya'll later,




  1. Although I'm not a huge fan of Taylor, I love her dress! Have you seen the I <3 Thursday posts that Bramblewood Fashion has been doing? We have been doing them too, and it's so fun!
    <3 Layla


    1. Lol.. Yeah Im not a fan of Taylor ether I just liked her dress she had on!! Yes I have.. they look like fun!! :)